• The KBBW series of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) DC/DC motor speed controls provide excellent dynamic response to load variations. The efficient PWM waveform produce an almost pure DC current to the motor (form factor <1.05), which pulse current limit provides short circuit protection and prevents control damage due tp short motors. Excellent load regulationis achieved with armature feedback.
  • The Plug-in Horse Power Resistor (supplied separately) eliminates the need for recalibrating the IR Compensation and Current Limit setting when the control is used on various horsepower motors. Adjustable trim pots allow the drive to be tailored to specific applications.
  • The 5potentiometer (supplied), a 0-5 Volt DC analog signal, or a PWM mivroprocessor output signal can be used to control motor speed. The optional Auxiliary Heat Sink Kit increases the drive’s current raiting from 14 Amps DC to 20 Amps DC.